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Why OrbitX?

OrbitX Direct Drive LED lights supersede currently available LED technology.  Even at the highly acclaimed and trend-setting Hong Kong LED lighting exhibition, no other manufacturer combined the advantages of LED lighting driven directly from AC line voltage in a single package, as OrbitX does.

Three main features distinguish OrbitX Direct Drive LED tube lamps, courtesy of the AC driver and our unique topology:

  • 8-year operational guarantee (5 years on light output) with a 65 000h lifespan (up to 30 years when used during office hours).

  • 45-67% electricity savings due to low power consumption and, most importantly, a power factor of 0.98 (a poor power factor will negate savings from lower power consumption).

  • No wifi or radio interference, which is a common, but relatively unknown weak point of traditional LED drivers.


Typical breakeven on the capital outlay compared to T8 fluorescent lights is 17 months for 24h operation (slightly longer when only used during office hours).  The ROI after 60 months is around 400%.  The long lifetime reduces maintenance costs and light output is typically 30% better than standard fluorescents’ averaged over lifespan.  Better light quality (colour rendering index) has a positive effect on productivity and the overal perceived pleasantness of the illuminated space.  From a safety perspective, the lamps do not cause flaming droplets during fire (contrary to standard LED tube lights), has no metal components other than the two contact pins (thus eliminating risk of electric shock) and, because it is made from polycarbonate, it is mechanical shock resistant.


A unique retrofit option is available that requires no bypassing of ballasts, nor any other modification to existing fluorescent lamp fittings, thus leaving existing SABS certification in place.


Our Products

OrbitX Direct Drive LED lamps offer up to 8-year guarantees, near unity power factor, an excellent Colour Rendering Index and do not cause wireless interference often associated with traditional LED lamps.

T8 & T5 LED Lamps

Designed for Commercial and Industrial use

OrbitX Direct Drive LED tube lamps offer efficacies of 105 lumens per Watt, lifespans from 5 to 30 years and up to 270° viewing angles.  OrbitX Direct Drive technology eliminates the need for a traditional LED driver. The reliability and predictability of the lifespan of the driver is a significant advantage in reducing risk of failure.  A further risk mitigating factor is the voltage spike protection that is designed for South African and African power system conditions.

IP65 LED Lamps

Dust and Waterproof Design

OrbitX Direct Drive LED technology is fitted to 1200mm and 1500mm IP65 lamp fittings. Lamps offering from 4000 up to 7500 lumens are available for application in commercial, industrial and areas outside where water or dust exposure requires an IP65 rated fitting.

Retrofit LED Lamps

A Unique Solution

The Retrofit lamp has plastic pins on both sides of the lamp.  These pins are electrically insulated and their sole purpose is to allow the lamp to be physically fitted in existing lamp holders.  Electricity supply is via an integrated lead that is connected directly to the AC power supply from the building.  No modification is made to the existing luminaire.  SABS and other certifications of the existing luminaire remain unaffected by OrbitX Retrofit.

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Some of Our Customers

OrbitX lamps are ideally suited for new installations and retrofitting of existing lamp fittings.  Applications include: 

•    retail and commercial developments, such as shopping malls, commercial buildings, banks, offices, parking garages, residential buildings, corridors and common areas, universities, colleges, schools and retail stores;

•    industrial applications such asmanufacturing facilities, wine cellars, outside covered roof areas, packing facilities, food factories, fruit and vegetable packing and storage facilities, panelbeaters and mining applications – both underground and in surface buildings.

A few of our customer's success stories are shared below.

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About OrbitX

OrbitX specialises in the design of LED lamps for commercial and industrial applications. In partnership with Azoteq Paarl (a leader in IC technology internationally), OrbitX developed LED lights that supersede currently available LED technology worldwide. 
OrbitX is the technology arm of the Afrigro Group and is located in Southern Paarl close to the N1.  OrbitX lamps have been developed with a singular focus on industrial and commercial applications.  Current installations include the food and beverage industries, military manufacturing, high tech manufacturing, lifestyle centres, retailers, large scale warehousing and the professional service sector.


Dieter Mellet, shareholder of OrbitX, is an engineer with a PhD in micro electronics and an MBA.  He is an IC specialist, especially with the application of ICs in LED tech.

Chris van den Berg, founder and CEO of the highly successful Afrigistics, is a specialist in logistics solutions in deep Africa and, via Afrigro, a shareholder of OrbitX.  Chris has a B.Comm degree.

Frans Rossouw is a shareholder and CEO of OrbitX.  He is a businessman with 15 years experience, has a Masters degree in electrical engineering and a Government Certificate of Competency (Mines).

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